Saturday, September 09, 2006

She's got personality

Today, the three of us went to Texas T-Bone Steakhouse because the teachers received $10 off coupons. The dinner (Asian inspired beef rolls for appetizer, and a chicken/steak duo with sweet potato and pilaf accompaniments) was delicious. Jasmin enjoyed tasting the "grown up" sweet potato.

Jasmin seemed to be in her element. She was sitting diagonally (not "square") twisting around in her highchair and trying to win people's stares. Apparently, her parents were yesterday's news. She had a sizable audience and seemed to know how to get attention almost effortlessly. It was a glimpse at her pure personality. It was cool to watch her work it. I was tickled at her social prowess as I still have some skills to work on. LOL

It was a nice unexpected outing.


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