Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Why can't I be Super Woman Every day!

I have my good days, and my bad days. It's hard doing the yo-yo thing. If I'm not careful, I'll develop worse eating habits and gain weight. Urgh.

I'm having a hard time feeling like anything I do has value. I guess I value appreciation more than others. Feedback is helpful though!

Todd's been overhauling the garage. It looks amazing! He's cut two "windows" into the garage door, whitewashed the walls and put up more shelves. On top of that, he's organized most of his stuff! His next mission is to get his stuff out of my laundry room so that I can take over and get a laundry station going and hopefully a sewing/crafts table.

I hate doing more to the house because I don't want to stay here! Todd is committed to this mortgage like another "marriage". LOL I want to hear: "okay, it's time we move back to Illinois."


BTW: I've made homemade yogurt with success. So- I had to make homemade yogurt to compliment it. YUM!!!!!!!! I've also been making homemade flour tortillas. I never knew that they were so much better than the perserve store bought stuff! I'm not buying that cardboard ever again!

I want to start growing bean sprouts. I also want to create a plant station in the basement bathroom that we're not using at the moment- to winterize some plants for next year and start new plants. We need a pretty Wandering Jew plant to hang in our bedroom and maybe a pothos for the guest room. Maybe I can get DH to make a gardening station off the side of the dog-house.


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