Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Put to the test

A Sign from God or the Devil?

Today, we realized that we miscalculated some of our finances. Todd went to the bank to deposit $100 and was amazed that the deposit slip showed the deposit, but he also got the money back.

Remember I said we could really use the money? He came home and told me the story. I knew that we needed the money maybe even more than others. I had to think over it a few minutes. Isn't it sick that when you get money it has to be in a mix up?

I had to think about what I'd say to Jasmin and what the chosen courses of action would say about who I am. I had to remember that, above all, it wasn't our money to begin with. Even though we had possession of it, it didn't *belong* to us. How could I feel good about that- even if it wasn't our mistake. The facts are still facts: it wasn't our money.

I had to take the $100 back to the bank. What could I control; only what I could do that was right. What if when I gave the money back and the lady just pockets the money? Who knows. I did what was right. I will never feel guilty for making the situation right. I would want my money returned to me if I were the one who made the horrible once in a lifetime mistake.

The ironic part was that the teller who made the mistake was the assistant manager whom I asked to talk to! Honestly, even devilishly, I was hoping for the irresponsible person to get in trouble or that maybe some fees would somehow vanish. You know- I'm not perfect- I have some Devil in me. But, I can only hope that since I spread good Karma, that it will come back to me.


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