Tuesday, August 22, 2006

New Seeds

Over the weekend I tried planting more seeds indoors. Basil & dill sprouted faster than I expected. Some of my lettuce seeds emerged today just 48 hrs after being sowed! Our garden is bursting with overgrowth as we didn't plan it very well and we're still getting used to "gardening" as opposed to container growing.

Our mini watermelons are pretty much taking over the garden. I know- they're supposed to be spaced out over hills and such, but it was mostly an experiment that did remarkably well. We have another similar plant that must be mini pumpkins but they weren't marked when planted and there aren't any telltale "fruit" on the vines yet.

We have a potato plant that is multipling and doing well. It's our first time trying potatoes. Our tomato plant that waned during our 2 week vacation is coming back with a fury. Our onion plant... I'm not sure... it seems to be doing fine. It's our first time planting onions (an old one from the grocery store) and I don't know how they grow. I think we have a collard green plant growing too that has grown purple blooms (maybe an eggplant plant?)...it's doing well considering that the watermelon plant is invading its space.

We have a zucchini plant that is going like gangbusters. I think we've had 6 large zucchini in the last 2-3 weeks. I think we're getting tired of squash. And our corn grew strong but only 2 "cobs" matured. A squirrel tried one. =p And "Mammoth Sunflowers" are truly large. They were a success and dominate our back yard "landscaping".

I think next year we have to plan better and double the garden size to 24' by 12'. More fresh veggies to come! =)


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