Monday, August 07, 2006

Freebie Fever

I have heard that even the richest and most famous people love anything with the pricetag: F.R.E.E.

Well, I might not be anybody "special", yet, but I do love my freebies! Sometimes I envision a phase in my life where I will not need to buy very much of anything b/c of freebies. I guess you could say I have a secret ambition to make all the "freebies" out there "work" for me. LOL

There is no "genius" to living well w/o breaking the bank. A lot of us have overindulgent tendencies. If we could stretch things out, reduce our trash, substitute and "MYO" we'd be fine! It's not that we "can't", it's that we've conditioned ourselves to give "more worth" to something just because we didn't make it ourselves. Would you rather spend more money on the most expensive coffee, or a babysitter or even a weekend vacation?

It's about priorities. Sometimes I challenge myself: how long can I make this ______ last? How many days can I last w/o pointless drives around town? Why shouldn't I want to use my money smartly- for my own enjoyment rather than to fatten corporate pockets? Would I spend my last few dollars on cigarettes (I quit, by the way) or gas or groceries. Would I be happy with an empty tank of gas, empty stomach and a cigarette in my hand? I wouldn't.

People spend money like it's guarenteed to keep spilling in our pockets! They take their 40 hr week pay for granted and yet complain about their thankless jobs? What do we have to show for our "labor"? There are plenty of "one hit wonders" out there that made a great temporary income but didn't make it work for them. Are they saying that it's impossible to live off that one time paycheck for a good chunk of their lives? They couldn't save for their (unsteady) future? Were they provided any guarantees that their success would continue? No no no.

We're not a disciplined society, at least not with our money/debt. I'm working at being the financial minority.


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