Thursday, August 17, 2006

Do you know you can make homemade yogurt?

I tried it. It came out just fine in our Gevalia Coffee maker thermos thingy. It's very cheap to do and convenient when you make it to incubate overnight. Today, I'm trying to make yogurt cheese from what portion I made. To do that, you just pour some of your yogurt into a funnel with a coffee filter on it and strain the whey into a bottle. You can also use a cheese cloth and hang the thingy over a bowl. For me, the funnel-bottom technique is easier. So I'll tell you how it works out. It should result in a ricotta cheese like consistency. If it comes out well, I'll try mixing herbs and flavorings into the yogurt before I strain it.

I also made homemade granola. OMG! I love love love yogurt over my granola and it was cool to make both of them. Boy did I make great granola!


Blogger crazy4jasmin said...

I tried making yogurt yesterday in the ricecooker to find out it's too hot. But I also realized that I can still use "botched" ingredients, add more culture and get yogurt still. No waste =)

8:02 PM  

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