Friday, July 28, 2006

On the move...backwards

"Lil Miss J" is on the Mooooooove

She's moving alright. Just the wrong direction. lol She even does "Downward Facing Dog". Seriously. And, whenever she does a muscle move (levitation) she grunts or whines. As Todd says, it's "high-larious".

She's not settling with just sitting pretty and meditating. She's turning on her bum. She now knows how to go from sitting to laying on her belly.

With all of the movin' and groovin' she's doing, she's getting flabs of skin and losing the marshallow fattiness she wore for months. It looks like she had a gastric bypass surgery and has the extra skin hanging around.

Her two bottom teeth in the center are showing through- almost cutting through! I can't wait to take pictures of her with teeth.

Hmmm... that's the gist of my update. Peace.


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