Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Bedroom Overhaul

Okay, so I love being a mother and I like having reminders of my baby all around the house. But, I've decided after nearly eight months of bedroom chaos, I need to make it our adult sanctuary. The only thing in our bedroom that is "baby" is the picture of Jasmin and I in the YMCA pool. The playyard is about to go downstairs so she can hang out with me when I'm playing on the computer.

So- Today I cleared off my "nightstand". I placed an oval mirror on top; and put a small clock, note pad, lotions, vitamins and skin cleanser on top of it. I put a picture, as mentioned above, of Jasmin and I, another picture of my wonderful inlaws, and a wedding picture on the stand. I also have a walkman (hidden) with my yoga music CD. And- I put a few books and my journal with a flashlight for the "bookend".

Todd helped me fix the closet sliding doors. Then, I flushed the closet of the clothes Todd won't wear and organized it. I downsized Todd to a smaller "dresser" by swapping his with the one in the guest room. Finally, I made sure to neaten my dresser as well.

Todd wants to reposition the bed and change the wall hangings around. Tomorrow, he'll work on his nightstand. I think our finishing touch would be a hanging plant in the corner where the hamper is.

The bedroom was time-consuming for me, but I love being productive.


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