Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Transition away from Basinet

Last night was the second night that I put Jasmin "to bed" in the play-yard in our room. It is the middle step towards getting her to sleep in her crib in her own room alone. I think I'm having a harder time than she is. I think I've only let her sleep the whole night with us twice; but I've never been scared to let her sleep with me a few hours at a time. I love the way she giggles and smiles when I put her in bed next to me. It's like she thinks it's a sleepover- SO CUTE!

I have to get her used to sleeping without us soon because we'll be using a crib for her when we're in Illinois in a few weeks. So far she's been great with the change. She's never slept in a separate room since birth so I'm afraid we'll both have a hard time adjusting.

Jasmin is doing wonderful though. She's been a fairly easy and a very happy baby. She's even keeping herself entertained playing with her feet. She's also moving around to the different activities in her Ultra-Saucer. Her new thing is to change the channel or volume on the TV with the remote.

I still take forgranted her small feats because the days fly while my mind is still like molasses. I even threw a baby washcloth in the toilet! And then I burned cookies! And then, just as I was telling her that I hoped that she wasn't accident prone like her momma-I broke a glass! And all of that happened before 10:30AM today.


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