Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Primerica to the Rescue!

Early this year, I became a Primerica associate but had to wait to have our finances shuffled and fixed. The wait is over- Thank God!

We had to wait until we had a year of mortgage history and this was the month! Thanks Peggy & Jerry for helping us move in last year! You're the best in-laws ever. =)

I feel like we took a huge step in the right direction. I'm 26 years young and am happy at the prospect of ditching our debt- house included- in about 14 years. I can't wait until I'm forty and financially set. The trick is to work towards financial goals on a daily basis and develop better habits.

Let's face it: rich or poor, most of our parents did not explain finances to us. Either you were brought up wealthy and felt set for your own future. Or, you were poor and didn't know what to do with the two pennies you rub together. And- most of those financial company giants out there don't want us be educated in their business to keep us dependent in debt (scary). If we don't have debt or mortgages- how would they make money?

I don't place blame on parents on the whole. Half the battle is the media and our materialist and capitalistic society. It's sink or swim in the big bad world; the best way to keep above water is to arm yourself with the facts.

How many of us work copious hours at jobs we don't love and end up missing out on family time? How many of us have anything to show for our incomes? Is it "in" to be in debt? I hope it changes soon.

I will do my best to help Jasmin learn the ins and outs of the power of money and the value of our underpaid time.

But for now, my family has a plan and is on track for financial independence! Oh yeah~


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