Monday, June 05, 2006

I'm amazed

I've watched my Jasmin in a short few weeks blossom into an active and inquisitive baby. Just as I was wondering if she'd do anything (other than being cute and loveable) to inspire motherly pride- she's made up for the months of patiently waiting for her development and smiling and congratulating other proud moms.

With a deep breath- I blurt my proud thoughts for the first time. Over the course of the last month: Jasmin has been rolling back and forth, doing push ups, sitting in a lap and chair, holding her toes, giggling uncontrollably, rocking in her rocking chair and reaching for me and the remote control (a true daddy's girl).

Today- in an experiment of sorts- I moved her LeapFrog activity stand to her while she was sitting in her rocking chair and she started playing with the lever thingies and smiling and laughing! I didn't have to tell her what to do. She did it all by herself!

Ok- I think I've done enough boasting for one post. I've had quiet confidence in my Jasmin; today, I decided it was time to voice my pride!


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