Saturday, June 17, 2006

Crampin' my style =p

As I said before: I am so excited for our upcoming trip back to IL.

But- the thought of my dear plants wasting away is cramping my style!

It's frustrating to think that I put so much love and care into making them grow and stay healthy, just for them to go to rubbish. =(

My inner earth goddess is screaming in protest. It's always wanting to be fully released. My stash of gardening stuff is building and feeling abandoned. But since we're leaving soon- I don't want to sow anymore seeds until we get back.

I truly would love to be the all-time green thumb. I worked in a flowershop- how else should I be. LOL My problem is that I'm a sporadic gardener. I'd really love to prepare and plan an awesome garden so that perhaps I'll have a beautiful, organized, booming garden in the near future.

Do you think people would pay me to maintain and play in their gardens? LOL


Random Salad Idea

I tested this combination with a few lunch guests the other day and it was a hit.

I sliced canned carrots, canned beets. Combined them with cut lettuce and soy beans and add cheddar & parmesan cheese. Not only was it colorful, but it was sweet and healthy.

N.B. Don't mix ingredients together ahead of time b/c the salad will discolor (like the beet color). Just slice and shred ahead of time and combine when you're ready to serve.


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