Sunday, June 11, 2006

The anticipation is killing me =)

We bought tickets to fly back to Illinois at the end of the month a few weeks ago. I can't stop thinking about seeing our family again. Well, it's "Todd's" original family- and my family by choice.

Yes- I may be one of the few married women who has a great relationship with their in-laws. But- I also don't have a close relationship with my own family to "fall back on".

I have been in denial for nearly two years. I AM SOOOO HOMESICK, or shall I say- "Illinois sick". lol I feel like I got the better end of the marriage deal- a husband and an extended family that I adore.

If ever I have a sad thought or a bad day- I focus on my daughter or the impending trip back to where I call "home".

Today, I called my SIL to go over some ideas and start planning our time together. I was almost in tears during our conversation. But- I think we will make the best of our time together and perhaps Todd will want to move back to IL in the next few years. (crossing my fingers)

I haven't felt this excited for anything in years. I'm going to relish every minute of our visit and take many photos and digi-tape the highlights.

Good thoughts from now on. =)


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