Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Taking Frugality Seriously!

I never gave myself much credit for my sense of creativity and resourcefulness. It's only been the last six years that I've had to expand my brain capabilities to include bizarre creativity and making full use of whatever I had. I was brought up in a very structured environment where I chose different mapped out paths. When I moved out on my own- I had no map! Okay, so I wasn't the brightest lightbulb in the pack- but at crunch time/s, I came through for myself.

How I thought I could start an independent life with $200 to my name, I don't know. Again, I was very ignorant of the world outside my "Pleasantville" hometown. God has truly been looking out for me. But- I did the rest...

When I moved into my first apartment in Chicago, I was making $7 an hour and paying $540 for rent. Of the rest of the money, I had $30 for 2 wks worth of food. I don't know how I stayed sane. It's stressful to be broke. lol

I've also been fortunate to me very generous people where-ever I took my ignorant franny. I guess that's why I take all of my friendships/relationships seriously. You never know who will be the one to bless your life with generosity. And who knows, you may be the one that puts light back in someone's life- and isn't that such a rewarding honor?

Enough heavy thinking- even that's my true personality.

It's funny how I had this random question pop into my head today: "How many other ways can I use deli meats"? Oddly enough, I ended up doctoring up roast beef- Korean style. I bet that sounds strange, but it sure tasted delicious! We at the beef with sushi style rice, egg, kimchi and kimchi pancakes and rice-cake on the side.

My random tip: Let say you have dry milk, milk, cheese and sour cream. Use dry milk and liquid milk interchangably, but use the one you have the most of at the time. For instance, if I have a little bit of milk left and plenty of dry milk, I'll use the dry milk to make the liquid milk last longer provided the milk is still fresh. Same goes for the sour cream and milk, and sour cream and cheese.


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