Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Just when I was getting to love holding my daughter, she's now a squirmer ( almost overnight! ) Now I'm sad, because a new chapter in her life has started. Now- all she wants to do is sit up and stand. She's learned standing very fast. I'll pull her up from sitting when I feel she wants to stand- that way she exercises those thigh muscles that will eventually pull herself up. She, now, hates to lay on her back...and if she does- she's usually trying to flip over her left side onto her belly.

She's looking so much older, day by day. I'm afraid that one day I'll look into the mirror and see an old me with wrinkles. Have I done well enough as a mother in her first five and a half months of life, for her to stay close (at least in spirit) to me for the rest of my life?

Lately, I feel as if the only thing I've excelled at is being a mom. And now- my daughter is on her way to be independent! BooHoo.

I love being a mom!


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