Wednesday, May 31, 2006

I had a moment there...

My dear computer came down with a virus. It was in sickbay overnight. The next day I (the doctor) fix it back to "health" and changed some settings to where I lost my bearings! I forgot my Blogger log-in info. I thought I lost "Garden of Jasmin"! I almost had a panic attack.

But- all is better now. Did you know that I've played 4 instruments in my life? Well, I am trying to get back into teaching the young-ins.

I wish I knew how to upload files and not just pictures as I'm a computer freak (which is the frustrating part of why I can't do it) and I can format ingenius worksheets and such. I will work on that so I can share with you guys.

Anyways- I got over the hanging question: Will Jasmin say "ma ma" or "da da" first? Well- last night Jasmin went to town with "da da". And to my surprise- I was totally fine with it. (ok, I was initially bummed but then I realized this was a boon time for Todd to explode a very awesome relationship with growing Jasmin) So, in truth, I am happy.

BTW: did you miss my posts? (wink)


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