Thursday, May 11, 2006

Holding her head High!!!!

Jasmin is such the poser! I can remember the first time I put her on her belly and her nose clunked the floor and shortly thereafter, she bawled. Now look at her! Does she look happy, or what?! =)

I love how big her eyes look. From my Asian point of view- I'm ecstatic about that! And her cute up-turned non-oriental nose! I remember all through pregnancy wonderful how she'd look. I wished that she'd have Todd's Scottish nose and rounder eyes. Actually, she may -at first glance- look like me, but if you examine her features singly- she has a lot more of her Daddy's facial structure. Anyways- I'm happy! I'd love her no matter what.

She's barely five and a half months old and I'm sure she weighs twenty pounds by now! But, she's become more energetic and active each day. Underneath the rolls of fat- I can tell she has lanky bone structure. Wahhoo! I'm a very compact person- so I'm thankful she appears to be following her daddy's bloodline.

Then again, I don't think I look like my birth mother. Other than my mom and step brother's picture, I have no other clues to my heredity. I don't have any medical files either. I'm not too worried because I've done pretty well in the health department so far.

I had a fairly smooth pregnancy and made it through labor without a c-section or cuts. I was only in the hospital 24 hours, so that's a clue of what kind of health I maintain! GO ME!

It's a beautiful sunny day today! My mood mirrors the weather. =)


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