Sunday, May 14, 2006

Happy First Mother's Day To Me!!!!

I think I was more excited for Mother's Day than my own birthday!

Our day went like this:
9AM: Wake up
10AM: DH cooked a delicious full breakfast
11:30AM: The Three of us went to a nature park nearby. We saw a Whitetailed Deer off in the distance.
12:30PM: Visited a garden center looking for what a "Jasmine" plant looks like- we got lost and frustrated; mission incomplete. We did, however, enjoy walking among the beautiful plants
1:30pm: Went to the local Korean restaurant for presto service and yummy asian food. Tip: for fast seating on holidays- try your obscure asian food establishment.
2:30pm: Visited the new Dollar Eporium with coupon. How great is that! A coupon at a discount store! Love it. AND, the owner gave me a free beautiful Mother's Day pottery/planter set. Was God smiling on me, or what? :D
3PM: For me, I decided to repot my spices by the kitchen sink window so they could explode with growth. I also took an old 18pack egg-carton to start a variety of seedlings; and used other containers for other plants.
5PM: Played with Jasmin while watching my favorite channel: TLC!!!!
7PM: At the left overs from lunch. Yum! The leftovers are the best part of eating out- in my opinion
9PM: Plan on watching Grey's Anatomy (one of my favorite shows)

A very nice, laidback family day! I'm happy!


Blogger bestlife said...

Glad you had a great day!
We had Jasmine in our garden when growing smells beautiful

2:12 AM  

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