Monday, May 08, 2006

Big "J" Makin' Progress:

Month Five has been a big month for Jasmin so far! She's been more vocal, mobile and dextrous! Today, she passed a rattle from her right hand to her left hand. (BTW: do you think she'll be a leftie?) Anyways, I'm getting daily reminders of why I want and love to stay home with my baby! I can't imagine anyone else being as watchful and appreciating such developments enough to tell me if I weren't there to witness them.

I have to be honest to say that I was worried that she wasn't doing very much; and I was feeling as though it were my fault b/c I might not be doing very much to stimulate her. But I also trusted her that she'd progress at her own speed. Now- all of the sudden- it's going full speed ahead! Perhaps, her body is still catching up because she was born on the early side-barely thirty-seven wks.

I have the most fun turning on the radio and singing and dancing for her. It cracks her up every time! Then later, she gets very vocal. She's really growing to love her Ultra-Saucer (given to us by a friend: Thanks Yoko & Craig!). She's getting more relaxed sitting in it and is slowly moving her legs underneath her. Before- she was scared to move. And now she's paying attention to all of the little toys more than 180 degrees around her. And she laughs everytime I cheer her on! We're a growing team! I LOVE IT!!!!

I'm getting the idea that a video-camera is going to come in handy very soon! I guess just more stuff to organize and file to keep in our "memory" bank.

She's growing more and more comfortable with her Daddy. She likes to curl up next to him and "talk". When she was smaller, she enjoyed laying in his lap while he played snowboard games on our XBox. What an adorable sight! There's nothing sweeter than witnessing a Dad with their little baby girl.

I can't say that timing is ever right, but I know that I've wanted this type of life for a long time. Thank you Jasmin for making it such a magical experience for your Mommy and Daddy! MUAH~


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