Sunday, April 30, 2006

Housecleaner for a absentminded Housewife!

Duties: Laundry; dusting; houshold cleaning
Pay: Priceless!

First, I want to say- that I love being a mom and a wife. Secondly, I dread the tasks that I have to do over and over and over again. I feel like those repetitive tasks are self defeating! I am a perfectionist- to a point, which now is very clear. When I feel overwhelmed I tend to let things build up- like dust, dirt, you get what I'm alluding to. =)

I want to do the things that get noticed and do them with lots of love: such as cooking, packing meals, organizing, pampering. All the other mundane tasks take away from what I love and enjoy doing for my house, husband and daughter.

Ok, so I'm sure I'm earning a "C" grade for my "housewife" so far. It sometimes makes me feel less than, and yet, since those jobs are generally under-appreciated, I think "who cares". I can't stay focused on housecleaning when I'm expected to do so many other things. My "Hilary Clinton" alter-ego is in constant battle with my "June Cleaver" life.

A woman's/mother's work is truly never done! And I take it a step further- it's rarely even accomplished! I try. I swear. I try most of the time. I want to have a spotless house-and some of the time I actually do have a spotless house (in varying rooms-you know how it is ). But for all of the time, work and effort put into cleaning-how long does it last? 2 minutes!!!!!!!

Again, did I use up my five minutes yet? (refer to 4/16 post) (WINK)


Blogger bestlife said...

I know what you mean...with 4 kids the mess is now more than i can contain!

5:44 PM  

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