Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Saved by Tomorrow
I think I think too much. But thinking about tomorrow- the future- is better than dwelling on the past. There are no guarantees that tomorrow will be any better than today; just that it will always be a new opportunity for better things to come into our lives.

It's still our choice to decide how we approach "tomorrow". If yesterday was crappy, should we let it taint the rest of our days? Or treat each day as it's own singular identity in our lives where we can always improve upon ourselves. Why live until tomorrow if you don't hope and strive for a better life?

And yet, many people take "tomorrow" for granted- among many other things. Some people think that they have gajillions of days ahead of them to be happy, kind, successful, charitable, or even just to love. Would you rather die on a good day where you could "think" back upon it as an angel in the sky and say "yes, I finally did life right and my last day was a celebration". Wouldn't it be a shame to experience so many highs and lows in your lifetime to have your last day a "half empty" day? Well, yes, it's part empty because you threw the happiness away and you've perished.

Which type of people do you surround yourself with? The ones who radiate positive energy, or the ones who tend to be negative and assume that they would "attract" positivity? What if you were the last person who talked to a friend/neighbor/family member/co-worker just before they unexpectedly passed- do you want to be the person who gave the deceased their last happy thought; most of all- would you regret sowing upon their minds heavy negative thoughts?

I don't care how bad/miserable my yesterday or today was; tomorrow will be the day I take one more step towards happiness and self actualization!!!



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