Monday, April 24, 2006

Miss Jasmin is a little under the weather =(

My little baby doll has been puking a lot in the past 12 hrs. And yet she does not act overly sick/uncomfortable/bothered. She doesn't have the appetite to make up for the "loss". This morning she virtually puked her body weight but without crying. My poor baby! I hope she gets through this very fast. She hasn't been sick at all since birth, so I guess I'm fortunate for that.

I called her Dr. this morning. I'm supposed to watch for a fever, dry lips, dry crying and wet diapers. Well, it's been a few hours since and I have had no warning more puking sessions since the A.M.

We went to her first birthday party (as a guest) on friday and perhaps that's where she picked up the little bug. She's such a good girl that she doesn't complain! Am I lucky, or what? =)


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