Monday, April 03, 2006

Have you been so emotional that you wept to your cat?

Have you ever guessed you were being proposed to without ever hearing the proposal?

How many months passed and how many P.T.s had you taken until you got confirmation that your fatigue and nausea was for a higher purpose?

Have you ever left the country alone with less than $250 only 3 people knowing about it?

Have you ever received a letter from a long lost relative a month before a momentous event in your life?

Have you ever sprung a leak at an 8 hr business class? What kind?

Have you ever listened to a therapist about their pension for tea drinking and rice preferences?

Do you know someone who's been stopped by the Gendarme?

Have you ever celebrated Valentine's Day with someone other than your BF/GF/Spouse?

Does Soju do a body good?

Did you know that motherhood can make you cross-eyed?



You don't know me. I could have walked passed you in baby aisle of the grocery store and we could have exchanged the "I understand how being a new mom is"- smile.

Of all the millions of people who love the internet and love to write- who wants the same boring introduction. Life is too short to not get to the point-the meat of the story. So I've posed to you some questions that relate to my life and craziness.

You have to read on for the juicy details...


Blogger LookingInward said...

I just happened to find your blog through the handy "next blog" button at the top of my screen, and to one of your questions, yes, I have sprung a leak during a very long class (not business, but biology), and it was of the lactation kind...

2:27 PM  
Blogger crazy4jasmin said...

yes...I had the same kind of leak

2:47 PM  

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